Welcome to our website! 

So what can we do for you? More to the point, what can't we do!!

The Sussex Pet Centre is an independent pet shop, run by Steve Handscomb.

In an ever competative market, we're doing our best to bring our customers great quality and affordable prices; but one thing we can offer you that the online stores cant is real people in a real shop with real products that you can really touch and feel.  You wont be gambling on what will turn up on your doorstep in 2..3...4..8... days time - you'll take it with you, or we'll deliver it!

It's hard to define what "type" of pet shop we are; we're a pet shop! We stock food, toys, accessories, cages, bedding... In fact, pretty much everything you'll need in the day-to-day care of your pet(s). And of course, there's myself (Steve) and my staff. We all love pets. We all have pets, and between us we can advise you on everything from hamsters, rats, rabbits & other rodents, through to snakes, lizards, budgies and parrots. 

We're located just off of the Cheals roundabout in Crawley, and we have lots of onsite free parking; Also on site is Squires Garden Centre, a Café, an aquatics shop and a carpet shop!

We're open just about all year round - in fact, the only days we close are New Years day, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing day...

We care about our customers, and they know it. So, if you're local, please do come down and give us a chance to show you what we have to offer.

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I hope that this website gives you just a little insight into what we're about. Do not hesitate to e-mail us, call us, or just pop in.


Steve & the team.

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